Apartment Guide

Princes Wharf

Princes Wharf is a former commercial wharf on the Auckland waterfront, which has been redeveloped into a multi-story, high-class mixed-use development and cruise ship terminal.

In the early 1990s, plans were introduced to redevelop the wharf and add new functions to a site that had become under-used in many respects. With the new buildings designed to be reminiscent of a ship, the redevelopment of the wharf started in 1998

The wharf now contains the renovated Overseas Passenger Terminal (berthing of cruise ships), a Hilton hotel, various restaurants (including the well regarded ‘Euro’) as well as apartments, office space and a multi-story parking building.

Princes Wharf also contains the largest apartment in New Zealand - a luxury residence originally built for one of the wharf's developers with 1,061 m² of internal floor space and decks of 416 m².