About IPMA - Independent Property Managers Association

Viaduct Harbour Rentals is a member of the IPMA

The purpose of the Association is to provide a framework for Independent Property Managers Auckland and Management Companies to work within. This enhances the professional standing of the Independent Property Managers and provides protection for the public who choose to use them.

Belonging to the Association also provides protection to Independent Property Managers in Auckland as there is more voice and clout from a group than from individuals.

The Association was launched in Canterbury in 2003 and now has members all around New Zealand.The IPMA aims to have branches of the Association throughout New Zealand as membership numbers in all areas increase.

The New Zealand Property Investors Federation have invited the IPMA to become affiliated to the NZPIF and to become the voice of property management for the NZPIF.








IPMA Code of Ethics

  1. At all times members of the IPMA will act with professionalism, honesty and integrity, ensuring that their actions do not bring the profession into disrepute.
  2. Members will do their utmost to ensure staff and contractors adhere to the ethics of the Association when carrying out work on behalf of clients.
  3. Members shall avoid deceptive practices.
  4. Members will avoid or disclose any conflicts of interest to clients.
  5. Members shall provide independent and objective advice to clients at all times.
  6. Members shall respect the confidentiality of clients at all times and  adhere to all privacy requirements relating to the receipt of information.
  7. Members shall ensure that all clients have a realistic expectation of services provided prior to accepting contracts.







IPMA Mission Statement:

"To be and to become known as,
the pre-eminent association of
Independent Property Managers
in New Zealand".