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September 2nd 2016



There were several interested parties who submitted recommendations to the Auckland Council over the past few years, with regards to the future of the Viaduct Harbour area and the results are, that a new sub precinct (Sub Precinct C) has been created which is inclusive of the following apartment buildings; Lighter Quay, Latitude 37, The Point, Viaduct Point & The Parc.

Provisions made for this Sub Precinct C in the Unitary Plan are that dwellings & visitor accommodation are permitted, while offices are discretionary - this means that in order to operate an office, within an apartment complex for public access, a Resource Consent must be obtained. 

The current existing retail or commercial operations that are located on the ground floor around several of the buildings are provided for as Restricted Discretionary activities and are not required to now lodge a Resource Consent application but may continue under their current guise.

The council also received applications to extend development heights around the Viaduct & Inner city areas - the key application relating to the apartment complexes in Sub Precinct C was to increase the height to 52m at 101-105 Customs Street West, this is the space where O’Hagans bar is located on Market Square. This application made by Viaduct Harbour Holdings Ltd has not been approved and the maximum height remains at 16.5 metres, with an allowance for a 2m roof form or projections. 

While this does not prevent future development of this location from the existing premises, a large tower will not be able to be developed. Meanwhile further around the Viaduct at 204 Quay Street - the building that houses Degree bar, Danny Doolans and the former Kermadec restaurant has had its height allowance extended from 16.5m to 24m - although this is subject to a setback control.

Appeals to the Proposed Unitary plan must be received by Friday 16th September to be heard in the Environmental Court or High Court. At this point, the outcome is a good result for the residents and owners of apartments in Sub Precinct C complexes - the future is bright for ongoing interest and desire to live in one of the best communities that has the city and all it offers right at its doorstep.