Apartment Guide

The Parc

The Parc is a unique, mixed use apartment development, wrapping around it's own 'village green' - a 3500sqm oval of open space. The lawn is circled by a walking track, lined with cherry trees - stunning in both Spring & Autumn.

Surrounding 'The Parc' are a number of residential developments, from spacious 4 bedroom waterside residences to more modest 1 bedroom apartments, all with a view of the central gardens.

The gardens are secure and tranquil, which is a pleasant surprise, given the location on the edge of the bustling CBD.

As well as providing a chance to stretch your legs, they also allow you to pick herbs from the communal garden or grab a lemon for the evening Gin & Tonic, as the sun sets on your deck.

At one end of the gardens is a waterfall, fed by the outdoor swimming pool. Adjoining the pool is a gym, sauna and spa - all for the use of residents.